GOK Graphische Okkasionen Karakus
Graphische Okkasionen Karakus
Lothforsterstr. 46 41849 Wassenberg
Tel: +49- (0) 2432-98 595-0
E-mail: info@gok-karakus.de
  • Reference Number:23514
  • Manufacturer:ESC
  • Year: 2007
  • Size: 720 x 1020 mm
  • Status: in production
  • Location: Deutschland   
  • Price: on request
  • Incoterm: FCA
  • Description:
  • Squeegee angle adjustment without changing the printing zenith
  • the machine outlet can be automatically folded down for cleaning
  • Precision print head with pneumatic squeegee pressure compensation
  • print height centrally adjustable and analogue readable
  • micrometric sieve fine adjustment in x-y-direction centrally readable
  • Adjustable vacuum in the machine outlet
  • eingebaute Referenzpunkte im Mutterrahmen für ein 3-Punkt-Passsystem
  • Mirus Delivery UN II
  • electronic double sheet control in the machine infeed
  • the zenith of the squeegee unit to the impression cylinder is adjustable and can be read off analog
  • opto-electronic missing-sheet detector
  • dryer tunnel with 2x UV lamps belt length 9.800 x 1.100 mm
  • precise gripper system with individually retractable lay marks
  • Adjustable squeegee insert for start of print
  • Fully automatic (cylindrical) screen printing machine
  • pneumatic screen clamping
  • extremely short set-up times
  • Fibre optics as opto-electronic monitoring of the side system
  • pneumatic locking of the nut frame
  • clock-controlled hold-down devices
  • ground precision cylinder
  • the printing speed is electronically controlled and is infinitely variable
  • Ball rail inlet for optimum material guidance
  • print specific parameters can be individually programmed by the user
  • Mirus Feeder F II