GOK Graphische Okkasionen Karakus
Graphische Okkasionen Karakus
Lothforsterstr. 46 41849 Wassenberg
Tel: +49- (0) 2432-98 595-0
E-mail: info@gok-karakus.de
5 Colors
Heidelberg, SM 72 FP+UV Heidelberg, SM 72 FP+UV Reference Number:17159
Year: 1981   Size: 520 x 720 mm   Impression: 51 Mio.   Status: in production   Location: Türkei   Price: 25.000 €
Description: No Alcolor-waterless machine
at end of delivery after lack unit
UV-Interdeck between 1. and 2. unit UV-Interdeck between 4. and 5. unit UV dryer
UV dryer
CPC 1.02
IR dryer
powder device available not
KBA, Rapida 74-5 KBA, Rapida 74-5 Reference Number:15031
Year: 2003   Size: 520 x 740 mm   Impression: 70 Mio.   Status: Stock   Location: Deutschland   Price: on request
Description: blanket wash-up device
VARIDAMP with Badlwin cooling system
PWHA semi-automatic plate change
Litech basic densitometer
ERGOTRONIC-control panel with Colortronic ink control
impression cylinder washer
ink unit temperature and Dampening cooling Technot
KBA, Performa 74-5 KBA, Performa 74-5 Reference Number:27624
Year: 2006   Size: 520 x 740 mm   Status: in production   Location: Deutschland   Price: on request
Description: high pile delivery
Grafix powder sprayer
perfecting 2 3 / 5 0
Automatic washing devices
ink rollers, blanket cylinders automatic wash up device
Semi-automatic Plate-Change
Technotrans cooling
GrafixControl console
Polly Economic alcohol dampening
Heidelberg, SM 74-5 Heidelberg, SM 74-5 Reference Number:27632
Year: 2008   Size: 520 x 740 mm   Impression: 111 Mio.   Status: Stock   Location: Deutschland   Price: on request
Description: Max. material thickness: 0,6 mm
Main drive motor came new in 2015
Feeder extra accessory: With pull lay control
Powder spray devices: Alphatronic 200
Feeder special accessory: Pile support plate, feeder with ramp, with pile alignment
Inking unit combination device, dampening solution temperature: Water-cooled
Inking unit washup device
Plate punch and plate bending device
Dampening solution circulation and cooling: Combination unit
Product designation: Technotrans
With exhaust hood, dryer cabinet
Dryer cabinet version: Cowater-cooled
CPC control system: PrintCenter
Delivery type: High pile
Alcolor dampening system
Blanket washup device
Max. size: 530 x 740 mm
Straight machine without perfecting
Dryer: HD-IR + HL-Preset
Min. size: 210 x 280 mm
double sheet detector - pulling device, With ultrasonic double sheet detector
Delivery extra accessory: With rear edge suction